In our massage treatments we specialize in: Neuromuscular, Myofascial and Fascial Release, Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Migraine & Headache relief, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Pre and Post Natal and Cranial-Sacral therapy which fold into the categories commonly known as, Sports, Medical Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. We use an integrated approach, tailoring our work to meet the individual’s needs. You can expect help in alleviating chronic pain, improving range of motion, restoring circulatory health, reducing stress levels, speeding recovery from injuries or surgery and better sleep patterns.


We offer movement classes and one on one private instruction in the GYROKINESIS/GYROTONIC® method . This method improves joint mobility, spinal flexion, extension and rotation in a series of multi-dimentional movements. GYROKINESIS works on balance, stability, range of motion and coordination.  To learn more about this method visit www.gyrotonic.com 


We pay attention to every detail. We have the most comfortable tables, best massage equipment and choose only organic, nut-free oils and creams. We create elements for complete relaxation during the massage, and an environment for our clients to find focus in their therapeutic movement sessions.

We're sure you will discover and enjoy the healing health benefits offered at Restorative Therapies LLC.


I’ve been to many massage therapists, including Andrea, who are well-versed in anatomy, physiology, and holistic health, but Andrea has healing hands. She is the only massage therapist I’ll use because she is simply the best at what she does! –Daryl Whitney

I am a professional classical musician  with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and an avid fiddler. I practice, rehearse, and perform many hours each day, and develop performance-related tension that sometimes becomes painful and necessitates rest. Andrea’s massage therapy sessions, and her apt, concise suggestions for daily “maintenance” has given me significant help in positively dealing with this tension. I use her warm-up stretching and flexibility exercises daily, and her massage therapy makes me sleep noticeably better at night for many days afterward. She has helped me become more proactive in dealing with the physical “downside” of doing what I love to do, which I appreciate greatly. I recommend her and her work enthusiastically and without reservation.-Mike Stewart

If you’ve ever had a loved one lay their hands on you–a mother, father, spouse or child–and it was a touch of love, warmth, and healing, then that is the closest I can come to describing the AMAZING hands of Andrea Sandahl Hart, Massage Guru!! She is the best of the best! –Ed Blunt

I feel wonderful! . . . Your “homework” assignments completely eliminated the lower back pain as well as the residual pain in my knee. I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have met you. –Mary Ellen

I am  a 76 years old women who sporadically exercises at a gym and hate it. I do not take classes as I cannot keep up with the fast paced atmosphere.  Then I started taking GYROKINESIS in private sessions with Andrea Sandahl Hart who patiently explains the concept of each movement. She  makes sure you are doing it correctly to gain the greatest benefit and makes class an overall pleasant experience.  I am sure I have found the right program and the right teacher to keep my aging body as limber and flexible as possible. –Elaine 

I met and received a massage from Andrea when I was pregnant.   She is fantastic!   I had massages regularly throughout my pregnancy and it helped me destress, do away with any tension in my low back, neck and shoulders.  Andrea also attended the birth of my baby as a doula.  I recommend Andrea highly!   She is truly gifted.   Montclair Acupuncturist