Preparing for your Session

New Client Intake Form

Please open the new patient intake form by clicking on the image or pdf icon below.

  1. You can edit the form in your browser,

  2. Save to your computer,

  3. And email the finished document to



  1. You can print this form,

  2. Fill it out,

  3. Bring with you to your first appointment.

For your first appointment you'll find an intake form (link on left side of page) that will help inform your therapist of the reasons you are seeking therapy. You may want to print and fill out the intake form before coming to your appointment, otherwise please arrive 15 min prior to your session to fill out the form at our location. 


Depending on what treatment you choose you may want to dress differently.


Typically if you have booked a massage session you will want to come to your session in comfortable clothes that you may or may not remove for the treatment. 


If you have scheduled a GYROKINESIS session then you'll wear whatever you like to workout in and you won't need shoes. 


Our cancelation policy in rescheduling an appointment is to contact us by phone at least 24 hours in advance. We appreciate the courtesy of you giving us as much time as possible to fill the time with another client if you are unable to make your appointed.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to email or call! 646-267-5598 -