Discover Gyrokinesis

The Core benefits of Gyrokinesis enhance mobility and postural improvement, energy levels and balance.


If frees the body of restrictions and stiffness, and helps prevent back injuries through spinal exercised that increase flexion, extension and rotational ability, while strengthening your supportive spinal muscles. Adding Gyrokinesis to any existing exercise routine, you already do, will improve your awareness of how to engage more effectively at all levels of fitness.  


Discover for yourself how Gyrokinesis can stimulate your nervous system and improves your kinesthetic proprioception.  


There are over 6,000 Gyrokinesis instructors worldwide. Andrea Sandahl is the only instructor in the Montclair, NJ area certified to teach all aspects of Gyrokinesis. She offers workshops, group classes and one on one sessions at her studio in Montclair and in other locations. Find out how you can experience Gyrokinesis for yourself.  


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